Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DAY EIGHT. and SEVEN's winner...

Well, sort of winner.

Because she was the only one who did it this time around, Brianne wins with her status of:

"Brianne Perreten feels the distance between us could be over with a snap of your fingers. so quit chasing your tail and warm up your feet, mmk? put down that bottle now, you don't wanna miss out..."

Unless I missed someone, but I don't think I did. But I will admit that's it's totally possible because FB changed yet again.


Now there's a tie.

STEVEN has FOUR points.

BRIANNE has FOUR points.

BRIANNA has ONE point.


That bonus game thing for those missing points happens Friday night, so look for that. Steven will be with me (probably) when I post it, but he won't know anything about it any earlier than the rest of you...I will assure you of that.

So here's today's song...I know that this is not the actual video for this song...I don't think that they ever did one for it. Anyway, it made me a giggle a little bit.


Because really, everyone loves Spongebob, right? And let's face it: this song KICKS ASS. End of story. I'm so hoping that it's on the Eclipse soundtrack. Music for training a newborn vampire army, perhaps?

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  1. well so much for the bonus game, haha. and so much for anything. I love how this is slowly fading into obscurity, lol